Event Photography

I cover events for Companies and Organisations both small and large from PR and brand promotion to debates and presentations, from receptions to all day events and from half marathons to carol services.  If it’s an event – I can cover it.  My work has been published in a number of journals and magazines both in print and online.  My approach is professional and I am committed to exceeding Clients’ expectations.


Studio shoots and catwalk shows differ but the purpose of each is to create impact. Models on a runway create fast paced action and photographers have a one-shot chance to capture the vital image. Studio shoots are by nature more collaborative working with designers, stylists, make-up artists as well as models.


Portraits may be created in both studio and working environments, it mostly depends on the objective of the shoot. Corporate headshots depict the organisation as much as how the individual looks. Actors, Presenters and Celebrity headshots differ as they are often made to refresh an image or a particular PR promotion.


Architectural, commercial and retail interiors record change as well as facilitating marketing and promotional opportunities.  In larger organisations photographs may be used to communicate wider aspects of business and keep colleagues up to date.

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